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At Natural Touch Studio all of our hair and scalp treatments are done with our Hydration system. This system helps intensify the moisture levels of the hair. How? By opening the cuticle to allow the deep conditioner to further penetrate, which is one benefit of using steam in the conditioning process. The steam consists of tiny droplets of liquid water,which works with your conditioner to dramatically increase your hair's moisture. When you use the power of steam while deep conditioner and the hydrating qualities of water, it helps penetrate deep inside the hair shaft adding an extra benefit to the hair.



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  • Keratin Silk Reconstucting complex

Keratin silk fusion is a powerful reconstructing complex designed to heal and hydrate dry, damaged hair. Natural keratin rebuilds the hair's cuticle, while silk penetrates deep into the hair to restore moisture and smooth the cuticle. also improves elasticity, prevent future breakage, while intensely hydrating to restore softness and added shine.


  • Deep Penetrating Reconstuctor for Damaged hair 

An intensive protein reconstructed rebuilds and improves the structure of the hair, it has 19 amino acids (the building blocks of hair) adheres quickly and effectively to ensure maximum protection and reconstruction from the cuticle to the cortex.



  • Moisture Recovery for Day Hair

Intense moisture treatment provides superior hydration to dry hair while adding shine and softness. Restoring moisture while helping to eleminate brittle dry hair.


  • Dry Scalp treatment

Scalp treatments works to restore scalp imbalances, relieve irritation formula with antioxidant-rich argan oil lavender and geranium oils penetrates deeply to soothe the scalp irritation, dryness and itch and instantly relieves. Flakiness is reduced, circulation improves and hair reeps the benefits fo vitality and shine.


  • Dead Sea Scalp Mask

Enriched with dead sea mud and essential oils that maintains the skins chemical balance, eleminates toxins and improves blood circulation while helping to control dry ithcy scalp problems. {not included in discounted deal}

  • Scalp Sugar Scrub

Shea butter, turbinado sugar, and essential oils that cleanse, purifies and refreshes the scalp gently exfoliating while peeling away dead skin cells to reveal a healthier scalp. { not included in discount deal}

  • Follicle Rejuvenator 

Designed to help with follicle damage which causes thinning hair, dermatitis, alopecia and other scalp problems. the formula consits of natural essentail oils that in combination are designed to wake up and flush the follicles of the damaged scalp area and promote new hair growth. {not included in discount deal}



Each treatment: $15 each

4 Treatments deal for $30 regular price $40

6 Treatment deal for   $50 regular price $60

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