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Natural Touch Studio offers Bonded, Sewn in, Micro links/ rings, Strand by Strand and Flash weave are hair extension methods that come in three packages to fit your hair needs and budget. These methods allow your hair to get the proper hair care you need while having the hair of your dreams. PURCHASE OUR HAIR FOR YOUR NEXT SERVICE!



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  •   Micro Links/rings                                                

Fast and easy method that requires no glue and no braids.  Each link is attached to the weft and to your hair which allows your hair to breathe and secures the hold. This method allows you to maintain your hair treatment regiment for healthy hair extension solutions.


Last 6 to 8 weeks

2 ½ to 3 hour process

Excellent for damaged hair recovery

Great for fine or limp hair that can't hold braids extensions

Great for maintaining your hair and receiving treatments

Lays flat


Princess package $265

Wash and blow dry

Extension placement

Cut and basic style




Queen package $390

All of the above

Discount on hair services

Free conditioning treatments

Free removal

One free maintenance




  •   Strand by Strand Cold Fusion


The strand by strand cold fusion technique is ideal for the person who wants length and movement. No bulky tracks, there are 20 to 40 strands of the extension hair linked to 20 to 40 strand of your hair.


Last 3 to 4 months

5 to 6 hour process

Good for thin, damaged hair or for anyone who wants a new look


Princess Package $450

Wash and blow dry

Extension placement

Cut and basic style


Queen Package $550

All of the above

Discount on hair

Free conditioning treatments

Free removal

one free maintenace



  • Express Weave

The express weave is a fast way to get in and out of the salon with the time cut by 20 to 45 min. with express weaves you come to the salon with your hair already prepped. In order to recieve the fast service and low price you hair must already be washed and dried. This weave service comes with a basic trim and basic style, more intricate cut and styling will be an addtional charge.


Leave out $125

A little bit of your hair left out for parting, perimeter and nape leave out optional.


All In $150

All the hair is sewn in an there is no hair left out.





  •   Wig install

This method had the option of adhesive and minimum braiding. This method is ideal for the person who wants the benefits of a sewn in without the time of a sewn in.  Just bring in the wig of our chose.


Last up to 4 weeks

1 ½ hour process

Good for anyone who wants new look

Cost $75


  • Full Sew in 


If you don't like glue and want to have the freedom of not doing your own hair, a full sewn in is for you. All or a small portion is in or out for a natural look. It allows you to explore many hair textures, colors and lengths.


Last 4 to 8 weeks

2 ½ to 3 ½ hour process


Princess package $165

Wash and blow dry

Extension placement

Cut and basic style


Queen package $235

All of the above

Free maintenance

Discount on hair services

Free removal

free trim and deep conditioner




  •  Lace front, closure and u-part custom units


. Excellent for people suffering from thinning hair,hair loss and scalp issues. These customs units can be made to wear long or short term. Also great as a protective style and to help regrow damage hair 

Starting at $175-$200

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