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Did you know that one of the highest instance of hair loss and thinning hair occurs form the build-up of hair care products and medications. 


 There are many factors to hair loss and there are many types of hair loss. At Natural Touch we use the holistic approach when to come to treating your hair loss, thinning hair or scalp problems. In our consultations we try and reveal internal and external factors that may be causing your hair loss or thinning. This Thorough consultation will determent the proper treatment and diet change, that will get you hair and/or scalp back on track. 



The products, techniques and accessories comprising our holistic hair and scalp treatment line are designed to be used together as a daily maintenance program. when used as directed, this program will stimulate your scalp and increase blood circulation- revitalizing your hair follicles and potentially leading to the growth of dormant hair and a healthy scalp environment. 



Magnified photo of scalp before treament

show build up of debris

Magnified photo of scalp after treatment shows

a heathly scalp that allows hair to grow.

What we do

An examination of the hair to determine its  condition, including moisture content, will be executed to establish the current status of your hair and scalp.


State-of-the-art instruments specially designed to test the hair and scalp will be used in your hair analysis.


An analysis profile will be performed on the hair and scalp to determine the current condition of your scalp.

Through careful and precise analyzation, the results of your hair and scalp condition will be explained to you.


If your condition qualifies, a treatment will be suggested to help return hair and scalp back to a healthy state.



Once your condition is assessed, we will proceed with the recommended treatment. The type of treatment will vary between individuals according to one's needs.



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Hair loss treament program for:


Female pattern baldness

Alopecia areata

traction alopeicia

Thining hair

Broken & Damaged hair

Hormornal Hair loss



Seborrhea Dermatitis



Laser hair therapy a non-surgical, scientific approach in the cosmetic treatment of hair loss.


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