Full relaxer                         $100 and up

Touch-up relaxer                $75 and up

Full color                            $90 and up

Color rinses                        $50 and up

Semi color                           $60 and up

Highlights                           $70 and up

Partial highlights                $10 and up

Press-n- curl                       $60 and up

Roller wraps                       $60 and up

Twist set                             $60 and up

Spiral set                             $60 and up

Straw set                             $70 and up

Pin ups                                $65 and up

Trim                                     $12 and up

Hair cut                                $25 and up




More Info

Refer to our Hair extension/ weaving service  $50 and up


Braiding Services

Prices and braiding services are provided by the stylist please check out their page.

Find a stylist (This service is not available at the moment)

Advance Hairloss Treatments

Consultations are required.

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