Virtual Services

Our Virtual services are designed to make it convenient for you, by offering hair workshops and services online.

Home Styling Demo

We are offering One-on-One private or group self care and home styling sessions. Can't make it into the salon, or just want to know how to style and maintain healthy hair? Classes available:   

  • How to wrap your hair up at night.
  • Natural hair, home easy styles twist/braid out 
  • Silk press

We will provide the knowledge on basic home styling, hair care with product recommendations.. These live session will be a step-by-step instructional class to help you to understand how to take care and style your hair in-between  salon visits.


We are offering at home private consultations for some salon services. consult with a styles about your hair needs before your appointment. The following consultations are offered online:

Micro-link or Strand-by-Strand  services
Wig ( unit) services
Sew-in services with leave-out, closures or frontals.

Holistic Hair Loss Treatments

We are offering at home Hair loss treatment plans. This is great for out of towners, if you can't make it into the salon on a regular, etc.


There are many factors to hair loss and there are many types of hair loss. At Natural Touch we use the holistic approach when it comes to treating your hair loss, thinning hair or scalp issues. In our consultations we try and reveal internal and external factors that may be causing your hair loss or thinning. Your consultation will determine the proper treatment protocol, supplement recommendation and diet changes needed to  get your hair and scalp back on track to reverse your hair and scalp issues. Our treatments are customized to your hair and scalp needs and aren't a one-size-fits all.




 Book a consultation today! Live instructional demos, product knowledge, and live follow-up appointments to track progress each week.

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