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If you're after healthy hair, it's important to know your porosity. Knowing your porosity will help you with product selection for better absorption.  


Scalp health is a very important part of your hair health also. Product build up and scalp inflammation can interfere with your growth process.


With our treatment plans you can achieve your hair goals with in-person treatment(s) or home DIY with support treatment(s).


What is DIY home treatments with support and who is it for? This treatment plan is ideal for that busy person unable to make in-person treatments, lives far away or someone who has a stylist.

You'll  get a customized treatment plan that includes all you will need to understand your condition, strategies to help with the problem, diet suggestions to support hair growth from within, products and tool recommendations.



We'll work via virtual one-on-one meeting 3-6 times within your customized treatment plan.


What to expect during your consultation,

  • Hair and scalp examine with scope machine.
  • Conduct hair and scalp testing to determine strength and moisture balance.

Consulations take about 35 to 45 min.

fee $90 goes toward product purchase


If you're experiencing any of the following Feel free to fill out our pre-consultation form to help us figure out your hair issues and to get started with a consultation. 


Dry hair 

Hair breakage 

Slow growth 


Try this treatment at  home!

Bring out the beautiful goddess found in your hair. This herbal mask is all about self love and self care.

Nourish your hair with 6 essential herbs for stronger, healthier and well defined hair strands. Cassia {strengthen} Amla {promote hair growth} Hibiscus {shine} Fenugreek {thicker hair} Rose Petal {balance} Aloe {moisture}

*May stain light colored hair

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